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Corso di inglese salerno
pubblicato il: 20/03/2013 0.00
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Programma del corso di inglese livello B1 STRUCTURES Present Simple Present Continuous Present Perfect Simple Past Simple Past Continuous Past Perfect Simple Future with will and shall, be going to, present continuous and present simple Imperatives Infinitives ing forms after verbs and prepositions Modals: can / would / will / shall / should / may / might / have to / ought to / must / mustn't / need / needn't / used to Phrasal verbs / verbs with prepositions So / nor with auxiliaries Passive forms: present and past simple Have/get something done Conditional sentences: Type O, Type 1, Type 2 Reported speech Question words Nouns: Singular and plural (regular and irregular forms), countable and uncountable nouns Possessive case ('s) and double genitive Personal pronouns (subject, object, possessive) Reflexive and emphatic pronouns: myself etc. Demonstrative pronouns: this, that, these, those Quantitative pronouns: one, something, everybody Indefinite pronouns: some, any, something, one Relative pronouns: who, which, that, whom, whose Adjectives: Colour, size, shape, quality, nationality. Cardinal and ordinal numbers; possessive; quantitative; order of adjectives; participles as adjectives; compound adjectives; comparative and superlative forms (regular and irregular) Adverbs Prepositions Connectives FUNCTIONS Asking and answering questions about personal possessions Asking and telling people the time, day and the date Asking for and giving information about routines and habits Asking for and giving information about travel and places Asking for and giving personal details Asking for and giving the spelling and meaning of words Asking the way and giving directions Buying and selling things Counting and using numbers Describing education, qualifications and skills Describing people (personal appearance, qualities) Following and giving simple instructions Greeting people and responding to greeting Identifying and describing accommodation Introducing oneself and other people Starting and maintaining a conversation Talking about food and ordering meals Talking about one's health Talking about past events and states in the past, recent activities and completed actions Talking about the weather Talking about what people are doing at the moment Understanding and completing forms giving personal details Understanding and writing diaries and letters, giving personal details Understanding simple signs and notices VOCABULARY Clothes Daily life Education Entertainment and media Environment Food and drink Free time Health, medicine and exercise Hobbies and leisure House and home Jobs Languages People Personal feelings, opinions and experiences Personal identification Places and buildings Relations with other people Services Shopping Social interaction Sport Transports Travel and holidays Weather

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